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Affiliate Marketing

Module 1 covers affiliate networks or marketplaces. We’ll be discusing how to choose and get setup with the affiliate market place that’s right for you.

Module 2 is all about choosing a product. We’ll offer ways to identify which products will perform best for you.

Module 3 is going to discuss the best traffic method, namely YouTube videos, and how to use them effectively.

Module 4 is where we’ll help you establish your battle plan and decide how to best implement what you’ve learned.

Banner Ads

Banner ads still make up around 34% of all online ad spending, second only to Search Engine Marketing (SEM).Since they’ve been around for hundreds of years and businesses are spending a ton on them every year, clearly they work. The question is, how should you be using them in your business?


This course gives you the details to do just that through proper design, where to locate them on your website, and how to get the most from your Banner Advertising programs.

Affiliate Marketing Video Sample


Affiliate Marketing Video
Banner Ads Video Sample


Banner Ads Video
Blog Profits

Module one of this course shows how a blog can help your business, how to find good examples of business blogs, and how to decide what kind of content you should feature.

Module two examines the platform options for blogging, how often you should post content, and the best ways to get your content to an audience.

Module three tells you how to come up with content ideas, stick to a posting schedule, and earn some money through your blog. Whether you’re thinking of starting a blog or want to grow an existing one, this guide will teach you all you need to know.

Bonus Creation

When you’re offering bonuses you can’t just do so with no rhyme or reason. There has got to be some context and logical sense to the bonuses. Specifically, they need to have relevance, utility, and value. Not one or two of those, but all three.


In this course you will learn why and when to use bonuses, how to create effective bonuses, how to find conent to use for bonuses, and how to make bonuses attractive enough to bring in the customers.

Bonus Creation Viideo
Blog Profits Video Sample


Blog Profits Video
Bonus Creation Video Sample


Bonus Creation Video
Crowd Funding

Crowdfunding is the method of raising funds through multiple small donations from a range of investors through an online platform.


In this course, you’re going to learn what crowdfunding is, how it works, and how you can use it to your advantage.


We’ll also look at where you should crowdfund, what your campaign should look like, and how you can bring in investors with this great new funding method.

Email Marketing

In this course we will show you:


1 - What Email Is

2 - Why Use Email Marketing

3 - Where To Start Email Marketing

4 - Various Email Marketing Strategies

5 - How To Optimize Email Strategies

6 - How To Create and Maintain Email Lists

….and much more..

Crowdfunding Video
Email Marketing Video
Crowd Funding Video Sample


Crowd Funding Video
Email Marketing Video Sample


Email Marketing Video
FaceBook Ads

 This course will show you how to:

- Create a Facebook account

- Create a Facebook page

- Create a Facebook ad

- Create your Facebook ad campaign

- Target your audience

- Design you ad image

- Decide where to place your ad

- Analyze and optimize your campaign.

Using the information from this course you too can create Facebook advertising that is sure to bring in a steady and consistent income.

FaceBook Marketing

This course will show you how to navigate the many routes of marketing to Facebook users by helping you to:

- understand the basics of Facebook marketing

- learn how to obtain website traffic from your Facebook strategies

- set resonable goals for your marketing results

- create btrand awareness through Facebook

- expand existing audiences to new levels

- enhance public relations

- perform effective market research

- establish a major presence in the Facebook world

- build effective Facebook "pages"

- add "call-to-action" items to your pages.

FaceBook Ads Video
FaceBook Marketing Video
FaceBook Ads Video Sample


FaceBook Ads Video
FaceBook Marketing Video Sample


FaceBook Marketing Video

This course is designed to show you how to:

- understand what Freelancing is all about

- who can do well as a Freelancer

- how to become a Freelancer

- what areas have the biggest need for Freelancers

- how much money can be made as a Freelancer

- should you quit your day job if you are already working full time

- create a portfolio of your abilities

- how do Freelancers get paid

- where to find work as a Freelancer

- how to get clients once you've made the plunge

Google Advertising

This course  will show you how to:

- understand what Google Ads are

- understand how Google Ads are so effective

- discover how and why Google Ads work

- create an effective Google Ad

- find where to place your Google Ads

- pay the least and get the most from Google Ads

- set and attain Google Ad goals

- how to get leads and sales from your Google Ads

- use Google Ads to build a large number of "followers"

- capture the "search" activities

- create display ads and video ads

- perform effective keyword searches.

Freelancing Video
Google Ads Video
Freelancing Video Sample


Freelancing Video
Google Ads Video Sample


Google Ads Video
Instagram Influencers

How did Instagram, a social media platform, become such a highly-trusted source for product and brand information? In a word, influencers.

In this course we will show you:

- what an inluencer does

- what decides if a person is a real influencer

- if you could become an influencer

- how to hire an influencer

- what to look for when hiring an influencer

- how much money do influencers charge

- the importance of follower numbers

- the need to consider demographics

Instagram Marketing

This course will teach you:

1- How to leverage Instagram to obtain traffic and convert that Instagram traffic into brand-followers, leads, prospects, and customers.

2- How to increase the number of people who will see your posts in their social feeds

3- How to get people to look at your account,  see some info about your brand or business and bring some traffic to your website.

4- How to increase recognition by simply creating and sharing unique content.

5- How to leverage existing content.

6- How to monitor your competitors’ accounts.

Instagram Influencers Video
Instagram Marketing Video
Instagram Influencers Video Sample


Instagram Influencers Video
Instagram Marketing Video Sample


Instagram Marketing Video
JV Recruiting

“JV” (joint venture partner) has become shorthand for “affiliate”, or someone who sends traffic to your offer and is paid a commission for each sale they make.JV affiliate recruiting should be an important activity for anyone wishing to make money in selling products or services on the Internet.


After completing this course you will be well on your way to recruiting some of the best sales people on the internet to help you sell your product or service.

LinkedIn Marketing

In this course we will show you how to:

1: Spend time brainstorming your LinkedIn marketing goals.

2: Decide what kind of content is most useful for your business or niche and develop a content plan.

3: Create and optimize an effective LinkedIn company page in accordance with what you learned in this guide.

4: Start creating, curating, and posting the content decided on in step 2 and begin implementing the recommended practices you’ve learned here.

JV Recruiting Video
Linkedin Marketing Video
JV Recruiting Video Sample


JV Recruiting Video
Linkedin Marketing Video Sample


Linkedin Marketing Video
List Building

Here is what this course covers:


Module 1 deals with how to either make or acquire video content to use as a lead magnet.

Module 2 shows how to make a gorgeous 3d eCover graphic of your video content

Module 3 walks you through how to quickly and easily design a simple, minimalist squeeze page geared towards maximizing conversions.

Module 4 covers various free and paid traffic methods and finally your battle plan for implementing what you've learned.

Mobile Marketing

Here's what we'll be covering in this course:


First, we'll discuss why mobile marketing is so important to your business.

Next, we'll show how to make your sites and pages mobile friendly, then we'll show the various methods of sending mobile traffic to your web.

Finally, we'll cover ways you can make use of that mobile traffic when it shows up.


This course will help you discover how to get mobile traffic and show you the ways to specifically leverage it to start bringin in the customers and the money you have been looking for.

List Building Video
Mobile Marketing Video
List Building Video Sample


List Building Video
Mobile Marketing Video Sample


Mobile Marketing Video

Outsourcing is a great way to bring specialist expertise to your project, especially if that expertise is not needed long-term.


This course will also show you the pros and cons of outsourcing, when to utilize outsourcing, where to find the best freelancers, what to expect to pay for outsourcing, methods of communicating with freelancers, how to establish an effective workflow for outsourcing, and much more.

Pinterest Marketing

Our Pinterest Marketing Course will show you how to:

1: Spend some time brainstorming your Pinterest marketing goals.

2: Think about what kind of boards and pins are most useful for your business or niche and develop a content plan.

3: Create and optimize a Pinterest account and at least 6 pin boards in accordance with what you learned in this guide.

4: Start filling your boards with pins, at least 5 each for starters, and begin implementing the best practices we discuss during the course.

Outsourcing Video
Pinterest Marketing Video
Outsourcing Video Sample


Outsourcing Video
Pinterest Marketing Video Sample


Pinterest Marketing Video
Product Creation

This course will show you how to:

- determine a niche for creating your product

- design and create your own product

- develop your own email list for promoting

- establish funnels and locations

- price your product

- find your own affiliates to sell your product

- and much more

Once you finish this course you will be on your way to earn a comfortable living creating and marketing your very own products and having your own affiliate program to increase those profits.

Product Launching

Our course will show you how to:


- locate affiliates to help you sell your product

- set up a background structure for delivery

- interact with buyers after they purchase

- create an autoresponder for emailing

- create sales funnels and lead pages

- establish a support desk and members area

- launch your product- and much more.


Once you finish this course you will be able to perform an effective and successful launch of any and all products you create.

Product Creation Video
Product Launching Video
Product Creation Video Sample


Product Creation Video
Product Launching Video Sample


Product Launching Video

Retargeting is the act of advertising to consumers based on their previous actions or behavior.


Once you finish this course you will be able to use the retargeting strategies we show you to quickly and easily bring people to your site or sales pages who have already shown a definite interest in your particular product niche. This results in additional interest and sales, increasing profits.


Side Hustle

If you want to explore how you can make money in your spare time, this is the course for you.

Module one looks at the benefits you can get from side hustles

Module two lays out some online side hustles you can do

Module three explores some offline side hustle options.


By the time you’ve finished this course, you’ll be able to find the perfect side hustle to match your schedule and needs and make some extra money doing it.

Retargeting Video
Side Hustle Video
Retargeting Video Sample


Retargeting Video
Side Hustle Video Sample


Side Hustle Video
Social Marketing

For some marketers, social followers have replaced email addresses, posts and tweets have replaced promotional emails, and likes have replaced email opens. Virtually every successful business today has not only a social media presence, but a clearly defined social media strategy.


This course will show you how to utilize social media to get your message in front of millions of users daily and leverage that ability to get the most out of your marketing efforts.

Twitter Ads

In this course we will demonstrate the power of Twitter as it is used for advertising and marketing. We will shoe you how to use this Twitter power to create small bite-sized messages to broadcast information about you, your products and services, and how to get the readers to purchase from you and to re-tweet youe messages to other readers thus expanding your market reach effortlessly.


Once you complete this course you will know how to activate a Twitter account, create various messages to attract followers, get those followers to make a purchase from your offers, and further capitalize on your tweets.

Social Marketing Video
Twitter Ads Video
Social Marketing Video Sample


Social Marketing Video
Twitter Ads Video Sample


Twitter Ads Video
Twitter Marketing

This course will show you how to:

- set up your Twitter account

- develop your Twitter presence

- create your Twitter marketing plan

- obtain and expand your list of followers

- diversify your Twitter styles and content

- promote your Twitter and off-Twitter offers

- and capitalize on your efforts financially


After completing this course you will have the knowledge and expertise to become a marketing specialist on one of the most popular social mediums today.

Video Marketing

Video ads are becoming the major method of marketing for any business.

This course will show you how to create video ads for the most popular online outlets such as YouTube and Facebook. You'll learn about various video concepts such as talking heads, screen recording, slide presentations, explainer videos, and advanced video creations. We'll even tell you what tools you will need and tell you where to find them.

Afre completing this course you will have the knowledge to become one of the top video ad producers in this expanding marketing field..

Twitter Marketing Video
Video Marketing Video
Twitter Marketing Video Sample


Twitter Marketing Video
Video Marketing Video Sample


Video Marketing Video
YouTube Marketing

In this course you will learn to:

- get started using YouTube for marketing

- create and name your YouTube "channel"

- determine what images to use

- develop a video content strategy

- develop a text content strategy

- research potential customer FAQ's

- make mini-commercials

- post videos outside of YouTube

- optimize your videos for YouTube

- input YouTube metadata

- record and upload your videos

YouTube Marketing Video
YouTube Marketing Video Sample


YouTube Marketing Video

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