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Our educational eBooks are designed to be concise, effective, and straight forward. They are downloadable in PDF format which will play on any common digital device including PS3, smart phone, desktop and laptop computers, tablets, etc., with your built-in PDF Reader. If your device does not have a built-in PDF reader you may download a free one from ADOBE, or from SLIM PDF.


Educational eBooks

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Create and Publish eBooks
Create and Publish eBooks

There are over 4.6 million eBook titles available in the US alone right now through Amazon and this number is increasing every day. Then there are the countless eBooks sold through platforms like JVZoo, CJ Affiliates, and Clickbank. This is definitely a great time to be an eBook author! And, I will show you how to jump on this bandwagon.


By the end of this eBook in PDF format you will have learned:


• How to create an eBook(either yourself, or by outsourcing)

• How to design a cover and pick a title

• How to price your eBook

• How to format and edit your eBook

• Where to market your eBook for maximum sales

• How to sell physical copies of your eBook!

• How to increase your sales and reach the largest possible audience

• How to sell eBooks from your website

and much more!. 

Create and Publish eBooks
Around the Dark Edges

“Around The Dark Edges” is collection of 12 short fiction stories ranging from the macabre and unexpected to the poetic and humorous. All are written to entertain. You’ll find murder, romance, sci-fi, fear, detectives, horror, and even gold treasure in this 50 page collection of stories written by Douglas M. Bryce.


This is an enchanting book to read in the dark private confines of your room, and written in Mr. Bryce’s standard free-flowing, concise style that will leave you wanting for more but enjoying it all.

Around The Dark Edges

"BeeKeeping"  is a basic introductory course on beekeeping.


The book is useful to anyone wanting to start beekeeping as a hobby or a business. It was written for beginners. Those who have never looked into beekeeping, may not understand the meaning of the terminology used by people in the industry. We have tried to overcome the problem by giving explanations. We want you to be able to use this book as a guide in to beekeeping.


The information in this book range from how to get started to how to process honey. This book compiles a wide range of subjects with information needed by the beginning beekeeper. It covers how to get started as how to care for them. The diseases and pests to protect them from. It also covers how to breed queen bees and how to process honey, as well as the way to present honey.


Arthritis Guide
Arthritis Relief Guide

Could you use some help understanding arthritis?


Sometimes you or someone you know may run into nagging joint problems or even once-in-awhile joint problems. Is it arthritis? How do you control it? What do you do?


This guide shows you how to take charge of your health and learn more now about arthritis pain relief and prevention.


What’s in it for me?

- Learn about the common and not-so-common types of arthritis

- Discover options available today for pain relief

- Learn about the basic science involved in arthritis

- Learn about arthritic dietary and food planning

- Be shown which vitamins and minerals aid arthritis sufferers

- Check out which nutrients and combos work best for arthritis relief

- Find and choose herbal applications that are beneficial for arthritis

- Discover home remedies & supplements

- Save money and learn your own Yoga

- Learn about Aromatherapy techniques

- Learn the three main exercise types for all fitness levels

- Learn about prescription and over-the-counter drug treatments

- Discover relaxation and coping tips

- Use our handy resources for online and real-world help with arthritis 

And much, much more…

Arthritis Relief Guide
Fat Loss Secrets
Fat Loss Secrets

“Fat Loss Secrets” is a huge guide (106 pages) to developing an easy method of diet change and mild exercise to help you lose that unsightly body fat you have accumulated. And the loss is PERMANENT!


It’s time to learn how to design your own personalized diet to shed those extra pounds. Creating a fat loss diet that caters to your own preferences is the golden rule for a successful diet plan. Don’t go for an extreme diet plan just because you’re desperate for a drastic change in your weight – it’s unrealistic and you rarely get to your goal. Ideally, small changes in a healthy direction over time can work magic to your body. Winning Rule: Slow & Steady wins the race in long-term fat loss! Follow our simple magical steps to creating your own fat loss diet!

Fat Loss Secrets
Beginners Guide to Organic Gardenening
Beginners Guide to Organic Gardening

“Beginner’s Guide to Organic Gardening” shows you everything you need to know to garden without the use of toxic chemicals or other harmful substances!


You’ll learn about:


Preparing the soil for planting

Planning out the perfect garden

Making your own all-natural pesticides and fertilizers

How to make your own compost

Growing plants from seeds

Taking care of your garden

And so much more!

viewsamplePlus we’ve included a pictorial guide to the most common garden pests and directions to get them out of your garden – all without chemicals! We even give you the formulas for making natural pest control products.

Keeping Chickens

If you have decided to raise chickens or are currently keeping some in your backyard, familiarizing yourself about the benefits can be very rewarding. You might have your own ideas already, but it shouldn't hurt to expand your knowledge on the pros of raising chickens at home. After all, an advantage can only be one if you recognize it for what it is.


Here are the subjects covered in this huge eBook: 

Childcare Home Business

Are you looking for a way to earn a little extra money, or even start a full time business in the area of Child Care ? If so, this eBook has all the answers you need to get going.


In this eBook, you will find out how to:

- determine the type of child care business you want

- find out where to locate your business

- consider the benefits of franchising your business

- apply for your license (state requirements)

- staff your business

- market your services

- determine insurance needs

- establish activities

- purchase equipment and tools

- set tuition rates

- and much. much more


House Flipping
Flipping Houses For Profit

House flipping is essentially just buying a house dirt cheap (foreclosure, bad condition, etc.) and then selling it for a lot more than you paid for it. Sounds simple but there is a lot more to it than that.


Here's what this eBook includes to help you become a major house flipper:


What tools do I need? What about money? How do I find a real bargain? Should I hire an inspector? How much work should I do myself? How do I obtain a mortgage and/or repair money? Should I join a Franchise Group? Can I flip without repairing? What are the legal hurdles? How do I find a buyer when I'm ready to flip? What are the risks involved? Should I use a contractor?

...and much more.

Childcare Home Business
Living Gluten Free -
and loving it

This is not a fad diet, or short term weight loss program that sometimes makes you worse off than before you started. This is a necessity for some people and is prescribed to 1 out of every 100 people on earth by doctors and health professionals alike. This powerful guide will provide you with everything you need to know to easily transition yourself into living a gluten free lifestyle


This book will help you learn and understand......


- Learn Exactly What Gluten Free Living Is And The History Of It

- Discover The Benefits Of A Gluten Free Diet

- Practical Advice On How To Start Living A Gluten Free Lifestyle

- How To Shop For Gluten Free Products

- And Much, Much More..


Around The Dark Edges

Around the Dark Edges


1 – And When I Dream… 

2 – Billie’s Christmas Present

3 – If I’d Known You Were Coming

4 – Jeremy’s Dilemma

5 – “Old Crackers”

6 – The Drinker


7 – The Game Machine

8 – The Joiners

9 – The MARC And Me

10 – Warner’s Treasure

11 – What’s In The Box?

12 – When Mommy Finds Out

Eating Healthy eBook Sample
Eating Healthy

“Eating Healthy" is the eBook version of our video course of the same name.


- It’s a full 100 page eBook focusing on the importance of healthy eating so that you and your family can feel rejuvenated and energetic, even when you’re over 30 or 40 or even 50 or more!


- This eBook will guide you in the ways to condition your mind into making healthy eating a lifestyle instead of an automated duty (We’re not robots here!)


- We want you to enjoy the benefits of this fantastic lifestyle so that when you wake up each day in the morning, it is your own self-motivation and determination that drives you to be the very best (and healthiest!) you can be


- And start small - one step at a time - by discovering which type of foods are recommended for your body. This amazing eBook will guide you step-by-step on how to incorporate the right nutrients and essential vitamins into your daily food intake


- And so much more to be uncovered in this amazing eBook!

Eating Healthy eBook


BeeKeeping Sample
BeeKeeping eBook


Arthritis Relief Guide Sample



Fat Loss Secrets Sample
Keeping Chickens

Benefits Of Keeping Chickens

Building A Backyard Chicken Coop

Building Chicken Nesting Boxes

Chicken Fencing That Saves You Money

Chicken Parasites Causes and Treatments

Chicken Diseases Prevention and Treatment

Getting Started- The Pecking Order

Keeping Chickens As Pets

Keeping Chickens For Egg Production

Keeping Chickens For Meat

Keeping Chickens Healthy

Keeping Chickens In The City

Keeping Chickens Warm In Winter

Keeping Chickens From Eating Their Eggs

Producing High Quality Chickens

Protecting Chickens From Other Animals

What Chickens Need to Survive and Thrive

Keeping Chickens Resources

Keeping Chickens Sample
Keeping Chickens


Beginner's Guide to Organic Gardening Sample
Beginner's Guide to Organic Gardening


Childcare Home Business Sample


House Flipping Sample
Living Gluten Free


Living Gluten Free Sample
Flipping Houses


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The American Gardener -
1854 Classic

155 pages of historic gardening practices from 1854. This is a fantastic glance into the past for gardeners and historians alike to understand what the family and farm gardeners did to produce successful crops of all kinds. This is a powerful book that describes the old ways of making things grow. It covers fruits, vegetables, trees, and plants of all types and explains simple, yet effective methods using inexpensive tools and easy-to-follow instructions. You can use this information even today to produce magnificent gardens of your own.


This book will help you learn and understand......


- Garden layouts, soil preparation, fence building

- Design of hot beds, cold frames and greenhouses

- Propagation, saving seeds, cultivation, harvesting

- How To Shop For Gluten Free Products

- Vegetables, Herbs, Fruits, Flowers, Ornamentals

- And Much, Much More..

The American Gardener


American Gardener
American Gardener
YouTube Business -
Training Guide

This step-by-step training guide will take you by the hand and help you to enhance your YouTube marketing campaigns & boost brand awareness. With its proper use, you can easily drive laser targeted traffic to your website and boost conversions in a cost-effective manner.


And, MOST IMPORTANTLY, You’ll discover Premium YouTube business tools & services to boost sales and profits.


Plus, you don’t need to be a HARD-CORE techie to get these benefits. Even a non-tech guy can use this guide with no problem.


Folks, it’s time to break the monotony and grab this jam-packed YouTube Business Training Guide.

YouTube Business Training Guide


YouTube Business Training Guide
YouTube Business Training Guide